Information on water therapy
The method of physiotherapy is used in various medical rehabilitation centers or specialized hydrotherapy centers designed to improve motor capacity
And functional function of the affected party or body in general
Use of hydrotherapy
In various diseases and injuries of the motor system
1_ diseases of various arthritis
2_ Head and spinal cord injuries
3_ fracture of limbs
4_ peripheral nerve inflammation
5_ different muscle diseases
Characteristics of aquatic therapy
Thermal properties
That the temperature is 36 percent any body temperature approximation, and here the temperature leads to increased muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation, which leads to pain reduction and accelerates healing.
B-Float property
Helps to perform positive exercise exercises to reduce body weight also facilitates the movement of limbs in the presence of weakness in the muscles of the limbs and works on the other hand to provide natural resistance to those exercises also contributes and helps to strengthen the muscles of the injured limbs
C = personal property
The performance of exercises and moving the parties in the pool freely helps to increase confidence when the patient himself
Water treatment
1_ Baths Contrast
2_ Electric stimulation plants
Carbon dioxide pools
4_ Metal bathtubs unique
5_ swimming pool therapeutic
Finally cases that are not used by hydrotherapy
Infectious skin infections such as fungus
Heart disease and circulatory system
Patients who have no control over the exit

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