Water exercises to treat back pain , Back pain can be treated by regular exercise. However, individuals with back pain should choose exercises with little effect to increase pressure on the spine or joints, so water is a good choice for them because it makes exercise Easier and no pressure on the back. Studies have shown that exercising under the water strengthens the muscles of the leg and abdomen and the muscles of the joints and works to prolong the muscles of the thigh and leg, which helps to alleviate back pain, and walking in water and swimming have many benefits; water has the effect of buoyancy, which reduces pressure on the back and joints and friction in Water allows for light resistance that helps strengthen the muscles around the joints and back, always consult your doctor before exercising a new exercise routine, especially if you are concerned that it increases the pain of your back.

Use walking water

Use custom shoes for water. Using these shoes will help you a lot if you have a problem with the balance, and you can search for them in large stores for shoes or sporting goods stores. Look for shoes that are easy to move in the water and comfortable for you
Water boots are designed for use by individuals in the water to help them enter the water, and they dry completely after getting out of water
In addition, the soles are designed for friction, which helps you to hold the floor of the swimming pool

Walk in the swimming pool

Start with non-deep water; no matter the depth of the pool. Start exercising in the deep water and gradually make water deeper until the water reaches the middle of your chest. You can spend time walking back and forth in the swimming pool just as you walk on the ground

Make your back straight. This position is important while moving in water. In addition, you must maintain your balance; do not lean to either side or forward.
One of the reasons why this exercise is effective for the treatment of low back pain is that it makes you stand straight, which strengthens your muscles.
Be careful while exercising, remember that bending forward or pleasing can increase the pain of the lower back.

Add some weights or other tools. Add some tools that make exercise a little harder if you find exercise easy, for example you can put nets on your hands to increase water resistance to your body
You can also wear a heavy weight belt
Using weights on your ankles can be another option
If you have a problem staying straight, you can use a float belt which will keep you balanced

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